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ECE Weekly Newsletter – November 14, 2017

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ECE Weekly Newsletter – November 14, 2017

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20th November 2017



The English Modern School is a privately owned school that offers an International Curriculum. Students are admitted to EMS regardless of race, gender, nationality or religion provided they meet all the admission requirements as outlined in this policy. Applications for admission are accepted throughout the year and EMS seeks to accept all qualified students who apply provided seats are available.

Note: The receipt and filling of the application form does not secure a student’s acceptance into EMS – which is subject to seats availability and the candidate meeting the admission requirements.

Sibling’s Admission

Our students’ siblings have a priority for admission over other applicants; therefore, an admission period only for EMS students’ siblings is scheduled before admission is open to other students. However, once the initial sibling registration period is over, all students will be given equal chances to admission.

Placement Criteria

Placement in all classes will be made by the Admission Officer, in coordination with the school Principal/Director, on the basis of the student’s age, his/her previous educational record, and his/her performance on the entrance assessment. The initial placement is tentative and the school may re-assess the student’s placement should there be a need. In such an instance, the parents will be notified and thorough class observation and additional testing will take place to determine the best course of action – one which will be best suited to the student’s abilities and developmental, cognitive, academic and intellectual levels.

Accepted students will be placed in a year group according to their age.

If you would like to apply for a placement at The English Modern School please download the following:

Admission Policy

New Application Form 2017-2018

School Recommendation Form 2017-2018

Medical Declaration Form 2017-2018

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